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English School Barcelona

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Classes: From 9:30 to 12:30 h & from 14:30 to 17:00 h

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The Agenda for June!! You know what… And…as all good things must, this year’s come to an end! And a happy one at that!  THE GREAT… BALLET… and SKATING…and…TAEKWONDO…  and VIOLIN ART SHOWCASE. Not to be missed. uh…oh…! Prize Giving!!…and GRADUATION CEREMONY & THE GREAT FAREWELL PARTY And what better way to end the school year… SCHOOL CAMP!!!! A great time will be had by all!! Ah! And if we don´t see you at the summer school… Have a great summer!!! […]
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With the holidays, special weeks, cultural days… The School Odyssey 2018/19!! begins on September 12th 2018… … and continues until the 21nd June 2019…. Woo…Hooooo …. “Click!”
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All! our students, with no exceptions, have passed the Cambridge University examinatios (PET: P6, KET: P5, FCE: S2 & CAE: S4). All!! with results really high and with an “Exceptional” in the “Speaking” part and… ALL! with excellent results in the French exam DELF!! Congratulations to all the students and also to their teachers Miss Julie, Mr Gool (English) & Miss Laetitia (French)!!! Good job everybody!!!!   ¡¡ !!
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