Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education Centre

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From 9:00 to 17:00 h


On this journey of growth and understanding, teachers, families, and students take an equal responsibility, collaborating and working together as a team. It is particularly important that we all share the same values and commitments of what it means to grow and learn. Respecting these mantras will guarantee a smooth ride for everybody.

  1. Growing up means enjoying the richness of all being different and unique.
  2. Growing up means treating others with dignity and respect, having maners and being polite. Respecting self and others in equal measure. It means valuing what we all share together.
  3. Growing up means being positive, never giving up, setting goals and reaching objectives.
  4. Growing up means taking responsibility for our learning and training our capacity to organize our work and manage our projects.
  5. Growing up means appreciating the value of teamwork and being open to learning with and from others.
  6. Growing up is about discovering, learning by asking questions, being curious and expanding our horizons.
  7. Growing up is believing in our great potential to develop ourselves and express our talents.
  8. Growing up is understanding that we are a community. Students, teachers and parents working and building our future together.
  9. Growing up means respecting the planet and being committed to sustainability.
  10. Growing up means learning without forgetting that our objectives should include having great experiences, adventures and making friends.