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Our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation is reflected in the management of our own centre. We promote policies and practices that reduce environmental impact and encourage responsible use of natural resources. Additionally, in the education we offer to our students, we place significant emphasis on sustainability and aim to foster a critical and responsible awareness towards the environment.


In our educational project, the canteen facilities are managed by an in-house kitchen staff who prepare daily menus for students and teachers. This approach bypasses the problem of preheated and precooked food from external catering services and thereby maintaining the quality of our meals. The canteen is sustainable, focusing its attention on health, nutrition, and environmental impact of food and cooking.


We have initiated a gardening project to teach agricultural skills, ecology, and science together in a practical manner. Students observe plant growth and understand ecosystem interaction and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. The garden also enhances social and emotional skills, such as communication and collaboration. Furthermore, it helps to promote healthy eating habits and environmental awareness.


At our school, we promote environmental responsibility by teaching students to recycle and care for the planet. Reducing waste and encouraging creativity with recycled materials are key aspects of the programme. Our school is a member of the network of “Barcelona Escoles + Sostenibles”.