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April 23rd 2010

To mark the beginning of the new era of The English School, we decided to create a school mascot. Who better to help than Nono Kadáver, our celebrity comic-book artist (father of Celia Vámos!!) By the way… it was he who came up with the idea…

He came for a brain-storming session with the children of Building II, in order to gather some ideas of what the mascot should look like. A few weeks later, he returned to the school with nine potential “candidates”. All the children (K2 to P6) proceeded to vote for their favourite of the nine, the winner being number five.

And so begins the life of “Esmon” (a cunning piece of word-play, fusing the initials E and S (English and School) and “mon” (the beginning of “Montornés”).

We hope you like it!!