Centro de Educación Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria

English School Barcelona

+34 932 138 864


C/Montornés, 37

08023 Barcelona

Clases: De 9:30 a 12:30 h y de 14:30 a 17:00 h

Oficina: De 9:30 a 17:00 h

Monthly Agenda November

Secondary English School in Barcelona
  • After our terrifying HALLOWEEN party…
  • Hi!! It’s already November?
  • Also of interest!:
  • Bangers!! It’s Bonfire night on 5th…
  • “Santa Cecilia” the patron saint of Music… One for Mr Alex!! That’s on 22nd
  • And , on 22nd, we ALL (except the vegetarians) will eat turkey!!
  • Even though it’s a Tuesday… IT’S the TEACHERS DAY!!!, (27th) 
  • Let’s set the scene… On 30th bring in your Christmas decorations … and… let’s decorate our classrooms!! Wooo Hooo!!!
  • “Brillu”, “brillu”?!!! “Tempus Fugit”!  Before you know it…We’ll be wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
  •   See you later, “alligators”! (sing it!)..m-mm-m…

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